Pike county murder: Love story which turns into murder mystery

Pike county murder: Love story which turns into murder mystery

love is unconditional, love in the world is pure and very beautiful feeling…mainly in books or drama you can always see pleasing love story where everything goes right in the end… but in real world every love story not get beautiful end. In this love story the end is horrible .. so today i will tell you a love story which turns out a murder mystery it’s a Pike county murder

In Pike county murder USA 4 members of one family killed 8 members of another family… but no one even imagine what the reason behind it… why they take such horrible step… In 2016 this was one of the biggest crime in USA and took attention of media and people. This was the terrible crime in history.

Jake and Hanna

So this story starts from Ohio, USA where two people Jake and Hanna Roden fall in love with each other. They start dating when she was 13 years old…

like any other love story they were living with the dream world… but that was not the end of the love story.. At the age of 15 she had a Gave birth to a daughter. But after some time they broke up, and Hannah began seeing another man, with whom she was conceiving her second child.

But when Jack Wagner learns about all this he became furious and forces her to give custody of their child… but Hanna and her family refused him .

Then here begins a conflict between the two families. Wagner initially threatens and warns him… and one day Hanna and seven of her family members are found dead.

After investigation, the police convicted the Jack and his family for the murder.Jack murdered his ex-girlfriend, her fiance and also her younger brother.

And his brother and father killed the other members. His mother also helped them in this heinous crime.

Jack confessed his crime and now the court pronounced its verdict against him


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